living life organically...full of love for Jesus.. with overflowing joy!

so i’m not sure that i’ve mentioned it… but i have opened an online store called rawoats! how great. it sells some of my quirky paintings, go check them out. this last week has been momentous for rawoats since i sold my first painting and attended my first market. so here’s to celebrating the baby steps!

turquoise costumes and turquoise water. durban loving! oh, and its this (BEAUTIFUL) humans birthday tomorrow. she is the best (the very best!)

i was having a chat with matt (my boyfriend) the other night about blogs and how they tend to only show the good and perfect moments of our lives (or someone else’s). It challenged me a lot and so here is my moment of honesty… my life is not perfect! so far from it. the only perfection in my life is Jesus, the rest falls so pathetically short- much like our pig pancakes featured above. but i still love photos, and making the most of the days I live (most of the time), so thats what you will see here. Other than that I am no more perfect than the average human. relief!

how incredible is this song, music video and pretty much everything about it? and from a local Durbanite! download his EP Marvellous Light on iTunes (today!)

really starting to love durban.. who wouldn’t when you have flipping great people like these to hang out with! 

a cheeky afternoon nibble at afro’s on durban beachfront 

six months since i last laughed with the person i loved more deeply than words would ever be able to express. i miss you pops, so much. 

six months since i last laughed with the person i loved more deeply than words would ever be able to express. i miss you pops, so much. 

a little of life of late (in order)… long contemplative drives to the berg, family breakfast, some quality reading, chopping of hair, pre-work feast, sunrise run and swims (more like one run and swim), a cheeky purchase with my first pay check and hot chocolate with marshies with one of the best roommates! [note: life has also included the mundane days, tired eyes, huge missage of cape town at times and some sickness, but thats all part of it i’m coming to realise]

i love it when i stumble upon forgotten photos. this is from a weekend we spent in a quaint little town called Greyton. we spent our days listening to the sound of silence, strolling between mountains, appreciating the simplicity of life and of course, eating great food!

hello friends. apologies for the extended break, life has been quite busy (as was expected). so these few pictures were taken in johannesburg (more commonly known as joburg), the city of dreams. i have been there before and have always thought it to be quite bland, but alas I was wrong and i actually found some very interesting and beautiful places.

this song has been on repeat over the last couple weeks. its been super encouraging.

” your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.” 1 Peter 4:19